Skincare is very important

 Believe it or not the key to have a flawless makeup look, is having very beautiful healthy  skin underneath. Yes, sure we love to wear makeup, but our natural foundation is most important. 

 Here are a few tips to having a healthy skin. 

Always remove your makeup before bed. 

Clean your skin with a a good skincare cleanser that you prefer or are currently using that works for your. 

Clean  and follow your skin regiment in in the morning and at night.

 Drink plenty of water. 

Take some time thought the week to open your pores, you can do this with boiling hot water right off the stove, place a towel over you head and set your timer for 3-5 minutes while your under the towel. And follow with a goos cleanser. 

Make sure to use a good healthy hydration moisturizer that is light and allows you skin to breath and gives it a beautiful healthy glow. 

Also make sure your incorporating healthy hydrating fruits and vegetables to put in your body, it's also a big part of skincare.