About Us

Netboxx Cosmetics is focused on bringing diverse communities together through our love of beauty and creative self-expression. As a beauty brand, we aim to allow all our customers and influencers to freely choose products from our carefully selected in-house ranges as well as beautiful brands that share our mission of uniting communities. At Netboxx, we are passionate about giving people from all walks of life the tools to customize their makeup bundles and bring out their individuality. Our goal is to create a space where people of all backgrounds feel comfortable exploring different looks and finding products that resonate with them. Along with offering a wide selection of cosmetics, we also focus on bringing communities together and allowing for self-expression through makeup artistry. Whether you're looking to highlight your natural beauty or completely transform your look, Netboxx strives to accommodate people's desire to freely choose products and create the image they want to project. Our brand centers on diversity and our mission of bringing varied groups of people together in appreciation of the creative arts of cosmetics.