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Who We Are?
Netboxx Cosmetics is a online Cosmetics site that you can shop and create product Makeup bundles.
Choose from Netboxx Mini Beauty Bundles or the deluxe Bundle. No Subscription is required. All you have to do is Shop, choose your products for your bundle and once your beauty bundle is shipped out get ready to own and enjoy your bundle of joy.

Netboxx is for makeup lovers everywhere not only making it easy, but also convenient to apply and wear makeup at a inexpensive price.
Our Mission

Our Mission is to create quality makeup bundles for individuals to feel and look their best when wearing our products.

Our Promise

Our Promise is to provide our customers with the best Quality products, constantly making sure that value always exceeds price.  

Our Impact

To bring individuals of all communities no matter race, religion or background together through beauty and  makeup art; Helping the world become more beautiful one face at a time.



Owner and Founder Denyelle Nelson started Netboxx Cosmetics  because of her passionate love for beauty  and makeup. She's a mother of two, a wife, and a huge advocate of self love. She's a self taught make-up artist who gives YouTube and Pinterest  most the credit for those skills. Her love for  beauty and make-up compelled her to become a content creator to display fashion  help others look good and feel good.  With a love for make up and a mind for business. She thought "I could do more than just create content for individuals I could create a convenient, inexpensive way to help others find and use the right products to achieve their best beat face". Now Denyelle is ready to share her quality products to other individuals like herself who loves to enhance their natural beauty while not breaking the bank.

Her Quote: I love makeup and the feeling makeup gives me. Confidence is Key of course, but I feel like you should do and wear what makes you feel good and makes you happy. When You feel your best, you can  perform and give the world the best version of yourself through your own confidence.